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Hella Ratchet

SF based photograpHER, Aquina La’Shae is a GlōGirl She-rō. Her creativity is depicted throughout her meticulously taken photographs, which reveal how versatile of a photographer she is. Alongside her photography career, she also works as an editor for Emerge Magazine. We had the opportunity to catch up with this creative genius and ask her about the rise of her photography career.

What makes a She-rō (a female superhero)? More specifically, what types of qualities?

A She-rō to me is a woman that lives in her truth, who is confident and positive. She takes absolutely no sH*& from ANYONE because she knows who she is, what she wants out of life, and inspires young women to go after what they want and desire in life. To me they are unrivaled, confident, edgy, positive, uplifting, empowering, resilient and most of all mentally, physically, and emotionally strong.

Can you tell me a little about your photography career and how you got started?

Photography is something I’ve done since high school. I didn’t gain a true passion for it until 2010, when I began to explore fashion and beauty photography. Once I started to incorporate my makeup artistry with my photography, it was over. I explored every type of look possible and would get some of the most amazing feedback from peers, brands and models. From that point, I knew that this was a tool I could use to express myself and a way to showcase my makeup artistry.

I’ve been shooting for 7 years now and I can truly say my work has finally got to where I’d like it to be, while I am constantly perfecting my craft. I am working with brands I’ve always wanted to work with and shooting the content I used to see in magazines. Photography is my true love along with being a makeup artist.

What does it mean to you to wear lipstick?

Wearing lipstick is a statement. Being a photographer and Makeup artist, I know how powerful makeup can be and how it makes a woman feel. Just by adding some lip color, you can see the confidence in a woman.

It carries significance specifically to me because as a woman of color, we are often told not to wear bold colors or even light colors because of our dark skin tones. Even so, we’ve shown that we can rock damn near any shade because there is such a broad spectrum of colors that suit us.

When I wear lipsick, it makes me feel edgy, confident, and a like a boss A$% woman lol. Makeup is a powerful tool that I use to channel how I am feeling and lipstick is most definitely my weapon of choice when slaying certain looks!

What color do you most gravitate to on GlōGirl? Why?

That’s a hard question. I honestly would say, if I were to be able to pick two, it would be “Hella Ratchet” and “A Hunnit“. I absolutely LOVEEEEE bold deep colors because I can either rock them with just a simple beat face, or I can be extra on certain days and rock either color with a bomb beat face.

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