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Meet NicoleShikari

Boss Bish

With her fiery hot pink hair, Nicole Shikari slays the Instagram world with her striking model shots and unique look. Confidence is clearly not lacking in this bombshell, whose main goal is to inspire others to carry that same level of boldness. We interviewed Shikari, looking to learn more about her make-up preferences and how she started her modeling career.

What does it mean to you to wear lipstick?

Wearing lipstick to me means everything! It carries such a significance because it makes me feel so complete. A lipstick can completely tie together any look! I like to switch up the shades depending on what kind of mood I’m in! I also love mixing together two shades to customize the color! When I wear lipstick I feel so confident!

What makes a She-rō (a female superhero)? More specifically, what types of qualities?

I think there are several traits that make a She-rō! Every woman is a She-rō in her own way! The qualities that make a She-rō is somebody who is confident doing what they do and is somebody who is happy doing it! Other people look up to the She-rō.  She is responsible, honest, and always true to herself.

What color do you most gravitate to on GlōGirl? Why?

The color I most gravitate to on GloGirl is definitely Boss Bish! I love how it’s a nude-pink color, since nude lipsticks are super versatile and can really go with any look! I also love the name of it!

Can you tell me a little about your modeling career and how you got started?

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to model. My mom set up an appointment with a photographer, and I absolutely loved every minute of it! Lately, I’ve been working with many different photographers and it’s awesome because everybody has a different style. I love trying new things. I love makeup and clothes and all of that shows in the photos. Modeling is something I really enjoy, because I feel so confident doing it, and I want to show people my true self. However the one thing I love the most about my career is the ability to inspire others and feel great doing it.

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